Unbeatable in daily work.
In price-performance ratio too:

Price and performance shouldn’t be opposites – both need to be right!

For this reason, thermal imagers from Testo stand out not only thanks to their excellent image quality and many time-saving additional features, but also because of their unique price-performance ratio. 

Whether for maintenance engineers or energy consultants, industrial applications or in homes, entry-level user or pro –
we have the right solution for every need.

Developed for your measurement tasks. And to save time and costs.


For maintenance engineers and facility managers.

  • Ideal for the early detection of imminent malfunctions or defects in plants and machinery

  • Fast detection of critical heating states (hotspots) during operation

  • Prevent costly damage, downtime and fire risks to plants and machinery

  • Easy testing of switch cabinets, electrical systems and motors 

For energy consultants.

  • Analyze building shells and identify energy-saving potential

  • Find structural defects and ensure building quality without contact

  • Localize mould-risk areas quickly and easily

  • Test heating and installation systems 

The right solution for every requirement.

The testo 868. Perfect for entry-level users.

  • Thermal imager testo 868 has everything you need for high-quality thermographic measurements – and yet it’s affordable and easy to operate.

  • Top image quality: IR resolution 160 x 120 pixels (with testo SuperResolution 320 x 240 pixels)

  • Temperature differences visible from 0.10 °C

  • Smart and networked documentation with testo Thermography App

Would you like to buy a thermal imager? What to keep in mind:

  • Resolution: at least 160 x 120 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity < 120 mK (visualizes temperature differences as from 0.12°C)
  • Software for analysis and professional reports
  • Easy and intuitive operation

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